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Recipe: Side - Pesto Spread

It's turned out to be a surprisingly hot summer, so traditional pesto doesn't work nearly as well as this cool, delicious spread with that same basil taste. Check the recipe notes for a quick deconstruction of this into an actual pesto-for-pasta pesto but do give this one a shot. It's great on toast, crackers, or any other spreadable you've got in your pantry. 

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Recipe: Side - Guacamole

Perhaps the ultimate “side” or appetizer, Guacamole and tortilla chips will brighten the eyes of any guest you are entertaining. This recipe is meant to be scalable up to the number of people eating it, with the base amount serving around 3 or 4 people, depending on the amount of other appetizers on offer. Be careful about not making enough though, as guacamole will always be the most popular item on any table its placed upon.

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