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About Me

This is a personal/professional site for me, Taylor Morris.
I design video games and content for video games.
I take tested ideas from the concept stage on through to execution and polish.

My sensibilities flow from a childhood of arcade classics and PC shareware, but I try to balance this with a healthy dose of modern experience design. There are many game genres that I love, from interactive fiction to good old FPS', but I am most comfortable and experienced with action game mechanics. My aim is to create broad experiences that get to the heart of the crazy, magical, human thing we call 'play.'

Ideas are nothing without implementation, however, and I have been developing a strong skillset to help bring these crazy things into being. I am currently fastest with Unity & C# but I am also comfortable with tools across the game development landscape, at all levels of professional use. These include editors and SDK's like UE4/UDK, Hammer, & Radiant, 3D packages like Maya & Blender, 2D packages like Photoshop & GIMP, project management tools like Excel, Pivotal Tracker, & Trello, and even some audio tools like Audacity, ProTools, & Ableton Live. All of that being said, I often find that paper prototyping and drawing on dry-erase boards are two of the best tools for game development. I am always on the lookout for new knowledge and skills but nothing beats the basics.

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I've released a number of games under the 'Collapsing Space' label, ranging from polished final products to game jams and public prototypes.

On occasion, I've also been known to write up a blog with postmortems of my own work, thoughts on other games, and even cooking recipes inspired by the busy life of game development.

If you're looking to hire me for contract, full-time, or freelance work - here is my resume

Feel free to contact me via Twitter or Email for work, collaborations, or just to chat.

me, where i grew up
me, where i grew up

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