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Recipe: Entree - Greens & Beans

This is an extremely simple recipe that I've made several times over the last few months. There haven't been many changes to the basic ingredients, just experimenting with different types of greens and different types of beans. So far, all the varieties have been at least pretty good and I'm glad to have another super-quick, super-nutritious recipe to add to my regular rotation.

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Recipe: Entree - Fried Lentils

This one’s an old favorite for me, one of the first recipes that I started making repeatedly as a stop-gap between more ambitious recipes. It’s the very definition of what I look for in the entree’s that I post to this site: simple, short prep times with dirt cheap ingredients. Lentils are such a super-healthy foodstuff that this makes for a great re-heated lunch and the recipe can easily be scaled up to make even more leftovers to save time in the future.

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Recipe: Entree - Basic Pancakes (Lana Polansky)

Editor’s Note: It’s our first ever guest post, thanks to Lana Polansky! Lana is an accomplished games writer who self-publishes work through her site, Sufficiently Human, as well writing for more traditional venues such as Kill Screen. She also recently co-edited the excellent collection of short stories, Ghosts in the Machine. I haven’t had the chance to make this recipe yet but it looks easy enough and I bet it’s pretty tasty!

Check out Lana’s site and her Patreon for more food and video game related happenings. Take it away Lana…

This is a relatively simple pancake recipe that can be made using either buttermilk or a mix of milk and yogurt. They’re tasty, versatile, and you can make extra batter and stick it in the fridge for another time. I like this recipe because it doesn’t involve a ton of technique—just stick everything in a blender or processor and scoop it onto a hot pan.

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