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Circuitous is a classic action arcade game where the player use reflexes and strategy to decide how quick they think they can safely clear each level’s enemies. 12 levels of roller coaster action with plenty of twists, turns, and groovy corporate tunes. Ride the rails, dodge the barriers, and knock the enemies off the track!!

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What I Learned From: Cities: Skylines

Sandbox games are some of the most interesting challenges from a design perspective and for players can offer a nearly endless, even inconceivable amount of entertainment. That is, of course, provided the designed simulation is deeply detailed and/or broad enough to offer several satisfying types of play within them, all of which have to be as accessible as possible. Add on the challenge of creating a functional and appealing interface and it’s easy to see why the true greats of the genre are so rare and iterative titles so common. Cities: Skylines is technically the third title in its own series but fully deserves its subtitle as it represents the modern standard for city-building games with charm and finesse.

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