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Editorial: Intro to the Cookery

Hullo, I've decided to start up a new project of creating a cookbook of sorts for busy game developers and other creative and journalistic folks. The recipes here are meant as a very basic introduction to cooking and are aimed at helping people save time and money, incredibly precious resources in our field.

The recipes I will be posting here all come from the same place, focusing on making cooking into a "fast, cheap, and easy" process while still maintaining the baseline of "nutritious, delicious, and filling." Most of these recipes will be entrees, made in large quantities and easily reheated. That said, don't blame me if I can't help myself from posting up some desserts or snacks from time to time. There will also be editorials like this one that are meant to serve as guides to related topics, such as setting up a kitchen and getting proper nutrition.

So yes, the connection between me developing video games and me writing recipes is rather tenuous, but I think this is a community resource worth investing in. I know that I sure could have used a similar guide when I was first starting out in the "real world," especially in terms of nutrition. Instant ramen consumption is often held up as a signal of extreme dedication, especially around programming communities, but we should be ashamed of encouraging such behavior. It is totally possible to feed yourself well for cheap, and it doesn't even necessarily take that much time, once you've become practiced and familiar with basic cooking techniques. So that is what the mission of this blog is, an invitation to engage with cooking and food in a more sustainable way.

Which brings me to the next major point of my mission statement, accessibility.  I will strive to make these recipes possible for all diets. Wherever possible, I will include substitutions or alternatives that can make the recipe possible for as many people as I can. This is not meant to be a political issue, I just think it's something that should be standard for all cooking recipes.


And that's the spiel. The goal is to put out one new recipe per week, starting with Mejadra this week. I think it's a good one that speaks to a lot of the principles outlined above. It might take me a while to narrow down the best format for presenting things like the diet substitutions so please chip in if you have suggestions. I'd also like to eventually source contribution from the games development and writing communities so be on the look out for that.

I'm excited.

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